About us


Robby’s – Equestrian was founded in 2009 in Holland by the 22 year old Dutch jumping rider Robert de Groot. Robert studied retail marketing with a specialization in fashion in Leiden. Robert was already a rider when he was at the age of six year. Later, when he became very talented, he chose to be a jumping rider. With a couple of horses he became successful very rapidly in jumping sports.Because of his fashion background and because he frequently visited the bigger shows in Holland, Robert became very interested in the clothing and equestrian products industry.  As a lot of people know the dress code in the equestrian industry has been quite conservative for the last couple of years. Because of his education in fashion and great love for horses and modern design, Robert decided to try and make a change.

Robert started to make some designs and samples and showed them to people. His philosophy was to maintain a certain conservative look but to also spice it up with some modern styled colours and materials. After he showed it to a lot of enthusiastic riders, Robert decided to make the big leap and to start a new company with new high fashion equestrian designs.

The name of the company refers to the nickname Robert already had for years. Robert was frequently called Robby by his friends. That’s the reason why the new Dutch brand would be called: Robby’s – Equestrian.

Robby’s started making more designs, more colour combinations and more product groups to make a perfect fashion combination of the customer and the horse. In cooperation with some of the top riders, Robby’s even improved through the years their fit and quality. By visiting a lot of big shows in Europe with his brand, Robby’s was trying to stay in close contact with his consumers and to stay on top of the equestrian fashion industry.

Also a few Dutch celebrities have found the trendy design and quality of Robby’s – Equestrian appealing. They bought many products at Robby’s

Below you can find a couple of pictures of them.

-Gerard Joling
-Lange Frans
-Kees Tol